Benefits of using Straws


So by now we are aware of the plastic [straw] epidemic that is taking over the world and our oceans. Cities and entire States are starting to open their eyes and actually ban the distribution of plastic straws. This is progress! cocktailsBut we are not trying to ban ALL straws. Some people really like drinking out of a straw. I mean, could you imagine an iced coffee or a margarita without one?

Us either.

And beside just straws being fun and what we have been used to using our whole lives, there are actually a lot of benefits of using straws.

Protect Yo’Self

Let’s face it, most of the liquids we drink contain sugar or are acidic. Coffee, sodas, juices, chocolate milk, alcoholic beverages, and even that precious kombucha! This can do some damage on your poor little toofers after time. smileStraws give you limited contact between the beverage and your teeth, protecting your enamel and saving you trips to the dentist to get those cavities filled.

If you have sensitive teeth, you probably can’t even drink an iced drink unless you have a straw involved. Straws help you protect your sensitive pearly whites since they can let hot and cold beverages pass your teeth and go right down the pipe. They also protect the enamel from staining (especially if you are a coffee drinker!).


In the instance of unfortunate accidents happening all over the world, every day, you may have known someone that is not able to eat solid food anymore. Or maybe you know someone that has had to have their jaws wired shut for a certain amount of time. Shoot, maybe you even had to have rubber bands on your braces when you were younger!medicine

As you get older, you may have to take certain medications that require more water intake, or just might make you thirstier in general. As you get much older, it may become harder for you to sip out of a cup and could be a little embarrassing. But you need to stay hydrated! There are many different medical reasons that a person may need to use a straw, and for these, straws are truly necessary.

Down the wrong pipe

Have you ever have some liquid go down the wrong pipe? This happens more so when people are taking too big of gulps out of their glass. Straws make swallowing easier and keep you from choking on your favorite beverage. And if you have ever had to take any unpleasant tasting medicines or supplements- try using a straw next time! By putting the straw in the back of your throat, you can bypass all of your taste buds and avoid having to taste something you really would rather not.


So it’s not that STRAWS are bad. Paper-StrawsIt’s just the plastic ones that never break down in our environment and are polluting our oceans at an astronomical rate. If you are someone that needs to use a straw (or just WANTS to use one) try to choose the best reusable option for you.


  1. Jesse Lee

    Great post!
    There are a lot of benefits for using a straw that I had not fully realized.
    You broke down this post well and I liked the idea of using a straw with your coffee drink so as to keep your teeth from getting stained as much.
    Thanks for all the helpful information!

  2. Strahinja

    Hey, never really knew how using straws can benefit a person. When I think about it you are correct. Using straws to drink our favorite drinks lowers the contact with the teeth and makes them more protected.
    I think children would benefit the most from them when I think about it.

    1. The Team

      Tejaswini, everything always starts with just one person! But when we work together with the same goal, amazing things can happen. Thank you for visiting our mission. Hope you come back soon!


  3. I absolutely agree with you thoughts and your observations. I work with older people who often have a big problem to swallow liquids and I see how straws can be useful but at the same time harmful for the environment and out planet.

    1. The Team

      Thank you for visiting our site, Anna. You should look into using alternatives such as silicone (because medical grade) or a compostable option such as avocado or hay straws! We will have some available here on the site soon.

      -The Team

  4. Thanks Ashley, for this information. I enjoyed this article. I use a straw in almost every ice cold drink, because I have sensitive teeth, but I didn’t know it was also helping my teeth, or protecting them.
    I’ve been a little concerned with the thought of disposable straws going away. I know they have be outlawed in some areas already.
    I guess if it happens, I’ll be forced into trying the reusable straws. At least there are other options..
    I appreciate you sharing and educating me more about the benefits from using straws.

    Best wishes,

    1. The Team

      Don’t be discouraged by the banning of plastic straws- there are many alternatives! The best option I have found for people just making the switch from plastic are…Avocado Straws. They are made out of avocado seeds and feel just like HDPE plastic (which is a more heavy duty plastic.) The avocado straws don’t disintegrate, can be reused a couple of times and are compostable!

      With the straw ban slowly creeping in, it’s best to make the switch as soon as possible and eliminate as many plastic straws being produced and littered as we can! It all starts with YOU!

      Thank you for visiting,

  5. Lee

    Wow never thought using a straw would benefit that many different things for a person! Also bearing in mind they damage plastic does to our oceans and the sea life. Great post and information!! Thank you.

    1. The Team

      Thanks for reading, Lee! You should read our article on the Great Garbage Patch in the Pacific (Plastic Island in the Pacific). You will think twice about using plastic from now on!


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